Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I guess I should let y'all know what is going on with us. Cassia is fussing at me to blog. :)
Christmas was amazing! ALL the children came home. They flew home and then drove back. We made very sad looking gingerbread houses. They were really cute until they fell. We made cookies and candies and fudge. Oh man! So much food and goodies. I love having all my kids together. Listening to them talk and laugh and play is just wonderful! The kids got to know Joey. It's the first time they've had a chance. They bonded over video games. :)
Tonite we are going to a Chicago concert. (Reed, Conrad, Me) Ben & Ali are staying home and having fried chicken. Ben is a happy boy.
Emilie hurt her back. She saw a Dr. and now can"t do ROTC. She was wondering if she wanted to continue it anyways, so I guess it isn't too bad. She will have to be careful of her activities for the rest of her life.
Cassia is going to have a baby!!!! We are all so excited! Every week she tells us how big it is by comparing it to a fruit. I think this week it is a lime. I really wish we lived closer so I could be with her. Oh well, we both will be moving this summer. :)
Still no idea where we are going. It has never taken this long before. Keep praying it is San Diego!!!!!!!!