Friday, March 12, 2010

52 weeks of blessings


What a great kid! Ben, has always been my little bear. He loves to snuggle. I thought it would end as he got older but it hasn't. :) Yay! He will curl up on the couch with me or crawl into my bed when I'm having a bad day.

As you know, I haven't been feeling very good. Ben comes home from school and sits with me everyday. He tells me all about his day and all that has happened. Starting with 1st period and going to the car ride home.

We watch movies together. He LOVES popcorn, so I usually make some to share while we watch the movie. It is so fun.

This past week was Spring Break. We spent the whole week together. Ali and Conrad were busy with other things so, it was just Ben and I. We even played video games together! Nintendo DS.

I am so glad to have him in our family. He is so easy going, he gets along with everyone. He is the one to pull us all together. It's great!

I love you, Ben! Thanks for being "my bear".

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

52 weeks of blessings

I am grateful for the internet.

Being able to keep in touch with my family is wonderful! None of us are big letter writer's. I didn't think anyone would really keep up with their blogs. Surprise! All of you do, except me. :)

I love to read about all the kids and their antics. It's nice to know they all do it.

I have been looking at Mom's blog everyday to see what new adventure she and Dad have had today. Their Hawaiian Vacation has been great!! I LOVE that Mom has shared it with us.

Even Facebook has been fun, now that all of you are on it. I will be better about posting. Keep sharing. Thanks for giving me smiles. I love you!!