Monday, September 26, 2011

I miss Emilie so much! She and I have spent everyday together since the middle of April. She is so incredibly happy. Her favorite part of the day is putting on her name tag. :) Isn't that fun? She worries more about her companions than herself. I love getting her letters each week.

I enjoy going on skype with Cassia and chatting with her and playing with Aaron. I can't believe how fast he is growing. When he hears my voice he turns and looks at me on the screen. It melts my heart. I am so excited to have them come visit in November.

Our new house is really nice. We have deer in the yard all the time. One young buck comes up to the window every night and peeks into the window. We all have to go up and say Hi to him, then he slowly walks away. It is sooo fun! :) The dogs don't even scare them.

Life is pretty good. I get to spend the day with Reed tomorrow. Yay!

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